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Changing Tomorrow Academy
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 21 reviews
 by EK B.

Beyond lucky to have been a part of the CTA family!
Our first daughter started at 4 months in 2020, and they were beyond supportive in helping make the transition for first time parents. The teachers and director were communicative and transparent in all her developments, encouraging each milestone based on her specific needs. (Crawling, walking, using utensils etc).
As she got older it became even more evident how amazing and supportive the teachers were. They encouraged her to express herself, become independent, negotiated potty training and as we introduced #2 into the family they worked with her to explain the joys of being a big sister, gentle interactions and were a constant for her during what normally is a chaotic time.
Changing Tomorrow has been such a beacon of light and opportunity during our time in Brooklyn, for not only our children, but for us as parents. We are eternally grateful for the memories, support and love our children received while at CTA. Thank you to Ms. Amanda, Ms. Tanisha, Ms. Destini, Ms. Kimberly, Ms. Destiny, Ms. Jeanette, and Ms. Sidorela plus so many more.

 by Winnie L.

My daughter has been going to CTA since she was 6 months old (prior to COVID) and we recently left the center sadly due to relocation. CTA has been great throughout the past 2 years, the staff and owners are supportive and always helpful, most importantly the teachers are super caring and truly care about helping the children develop their skill sets. Our daughter has reached multiple milestones on target and being a full time working parent, I certainly want to give the credit to her teachers.

 by Anais N.

Our daughter has been at changing tomorrow since she was 6 months old and she is now 2 years old and feels so happy there. The teachers, the facility with tons of toys and an indoor playground, the catering service and the creative activities are beyond amazing! The brightwheel app to see what she does all day is just the cherry on the cake.

 by Olivier D.

Our son was at CTA from age 10 months to just over 2 years (with a small break for when everything closed down due to COVID). He had a truly wonderful time there. His vocabulary exploded, and he was so happy to go to school every day. The teachers were kind, understanding, and communicative throughout an incredibly difficult year and made a HUGE effort to help parents entertain the little ones at home when everything went remote for a time. We throughly appreciated the efforts they made to keep us updated and comfortable throughout the lockdown and beyond. And so many pictures throughout the day!

We left only because it my partner and I both changed jobs, and the commute ended up being too long. We wholeheartedly recommend CTA to anybody looking for a place where their child can be safe and happy.

 by Carly Del Piano

My son has been going to CTA since he was 4 months old, and we absolutely love it there. The teachers and faculty are great and we have had such a positive experience. Would absolutely recommend to anyone in need of a great daycare.

 by Adel Valisheva

My daughter has been attending changing tomorrow academy for 6 months and we love it! The teachers and staff go above and beyond, the meals are delicious and the indoor play space is a huge plus! We highly recommend this daycare.

 by Gabriella Ullberg

5 stars for Changing Tomorrow Academy! Amazing & professional staff, great food for the kids, and really good creative environment. I am impressed with the learning activities and all the fun activities the kids get to do. They keep us parents well informed, and I warmly recommend this place 🙂

 by Zhanna Povaliaev

Changing Tomorrow Academy has impressed my family from the initial tour (including my mom who had been a teacher herself with high standards), and it never stopped since. The quality of the environment, of all the rooms - the spaciousness, the materials, the perfect amount of the right kind of toys/furniture/educational equipment/decorations/etc - there is no comparison to any other daycares in this area (I've visited pretty much all in my neighbourhood). In the selection process, CTA was the only daycare where I finally felt a sign of relief and comfort at the thought of leaving my firstborn 6 months old with strangers. The 'strangers' became the teachers and staff that my daughter was excited to see (and most recently, not too willing to leave)! They are professional, attentive and more importantly, genuinely caring and nurturing, with an active and interesting agenda for each day. We receive frequent app updates and quick responses to any questions any time. Overall, we are very pleased with the level of childcare received here - couldn't recommend it more.

 by Samuel Kahn

My son has been going here for about 3 months (since he was 15 months). He spends all day, (8:30-6:00) and he loves it. He loves the activities. He loves the food. He loves his teachers. It’s an intentionally curated environment, and the daily lessons are thoughtfully put together to adhere to Montessori principles. We could not be more pleased.

 by Jen D.

What bigger decision than choosing the right child care facility for your baby?!

After checking out multiple facilities in the Downtown Brooklyn area, we ending up taking a chance with CTA and could not be happier with our decision. Our son started in their infant room at 6 months and has adjusted so well thanks to the wonderful and loving staff.

- Montessori based
- Brand new state-of-the-art facility
- Extremely clean and well organized
- Brightwheel App updates throughout the day to notify you of your child's meals, potty activity, naps, and photos/videos
- Ability to live message the staff through Brightwheel
- Onsite nurse
- Catered organic meals for 1 year olds and up
- Engaged and loving staff
- Visitors that come in (ex: child psychologist, musicians, etc.)
- Monthly parent meetings to go through updates, feedback, and news

I strongly recommend CTA to anyone searching for child care!

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