Changing Tomorrow Academy is a brand new state of the art facility with capacity to care for 200 kids, with educators and medical providers onsite. We are expert child care professionals introducing a new and innovative approach to child day care, geared toward futures success.

Situated in downtown Brooklyn with the latest design and most innovative classroom settings, your curious babe will find one adventure after the next exploring our day care center while always being under the best supervision.

Offering child care services for infants, toddlers and children ages 3 months to 5 years old.

We are always open to new ideas. With every successful parent suggestion that is implemented by our center, a voucher credit will be applied towards the childs tuiton.


We believe there is magic in every child!

Cultivating your child’s success is our greatest mission, which is why we offer a one of a kind curriculum that enables long-term success from early child care. Accelerated child development founded on love, support and education.

Our distinguished child care professionals are here to provide guidance and empower your little tots to succeed. We promise to bring personal, meaningful touches to enrich our students’ lives, from child wellness focused on healthy nutrition and exercise programs to the highest standard of educational classes.


Fostering an innovative connection between working parents and their champs.

We understand the working parent struggle, and are here to help! We aim to build an important, long-lasting relationship with parents and children within the community dedicated to the mental and emotional well being of infants and toddlers through our original program. Through innovative technology we have improved the line of communication between children and their parents. Additionally, we offer a variety of programs designed for bonding time.

Unlock your child’s potential, enroll with us.