Preschool: 2 Years & Up

In our preschool class we combine children from ages 2-4. In the Montessori approach, we believe mixing ages promotes peer learning. The younger 2 year olds can learn from their older classmates, and our older students can become masters of their skills by helping and demonstrating for their younger classmates. In the preschool classroom we further the love for learning and independent thinking. We encourage the child’s thinking and learning by guiding instead of correcting or telling them “That’s not correct”. Here we assist the child by asking, “May I help you?” Telling a child “no” or “that’s not correct,” does not foster a positive learning experience. Through real life materials and practical life activities, your child will be academically and socially prepared for their educational futures. In keeping with our Montessori inspired curriculum, children will use wooden materials as well as real life materials such as rock, shells, plants, and even a fish to care for.